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Belong to you???

I’m not dead yet

I just living in my head

Just because I’m losing

It doesn’t meant I’m lost

Just because I’m hurting

It doesn’t mean I’m hurt

I used to roll the dice

Feel the fear in my enemies eyes

You put me in your prison

But it isn’t made of steal

If you love me

Won’t you let me know?

Such a random

That a frog became god for me

So if you love me

Why you didn’t let me go?

You’re not allowed to put a chain around me

Don’t make me feel I belong to you

I try to get your photo out of my brain

I even try

I found an overbearingly arrogant baby

In my Heart

It wants to live there

Now and ever

What should I do with pride?

You cut me down conceited fellow

Did I really belong to you?

I did have a doubt that one day the sun come out

23.6.08 19:22

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